Robotics Challenge in Bologna 2021: here are the new dates!

Robotics Challenge in Bologna 2021: here are the new dates!
Are you ready to be thrown into a completely robotic reality?

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s participate in the Robotics Challenge in Bologna 2021, which will be held from 6 to 11 September.

It is open to everybody!




Physicists and robotics from all over the world participate in this international competition, competing against each other to show how the most innovative technologies are part of the everyday life.


It will really look like a leap into the future!


With the help of robots programmed to help us in everyday tasks, we will see the integration of new technologies at work to improve our quality of our life.


Robotics Challenge Bologna







Which types of activities will the robots engage in at the Robotics Challenge?

Amongst the robots that will compete in the Robotics Challenge, we will see some which will cook, which will serve in the cafeteria, respond to first aid requests …

We are happy that Bologna has been elected this year as the Smart City, the host city of this event which will be held in Palazzo Re Enzo.

This prestigious international competition, sponsored by Horizon 2020, wants to promote the European Robotics League, whose purpose is to graft curiosity towards artificial intelligence and research, promoting interest in the field of robotics and nano technologies.



Robotics Challenge Bologna

Be Smart Inclusive! Take part in the Robotics Challenge 2021 in Bologna!

If you want to be Smart Inclusive, and participate in this new cultural and fun activity , choose an equally modern and technological facility.

Home domotics and innovations are the keys behind the design of our Suites; everything works via voice commands, without the use of switches, simply by requesting a command from the computer. They perfectly fit the philosophy of the Robotics Challenge.

Choose a convenient parking facility, so you can reach the location for this event at any time.

Choose 4Star.

Palazzo Re Enzo, which will host the Robotics Challenge, is located in Piazza del Nettuno, 1 / C, 40125 in Bologna, reachable by bus or on foot with a 15-minute walk from our facility.

In addition to the convenience of private parking space with video surveillance, outside the ZTL, we have various types of rooms where you can relax, Suites, rooms with Jacuzzi and modern and functional apartments!

If you are curious to experience our domotic services, or to know more information about the services of the host structures near the Robotics Challenge in Bologna,

Contact us,

A Robo greeting,

The 4Star staff

Robotics Challenge in Bologna: here the new dates!


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