How to use a Finnish Sauna at its best:

Here you’ll find Tips to Use Finnish Sauna at its Best!

The purpose of the Sauna is to create an environment where people aim at relaxing in dry heat, to expell all the toxines present on our skin.

In our comfortable wooden cabin the temperature can vary from 60° to 95° degrees. 


In order to get all the benefits and to better relax in our Sauna, we reccomend to proceed with the following steps:

  • take a shower to remove all the outdoor remains, and dry carefully to help the skin to enable the expulsion of the toxines, once inside
  • Dry carefully;
  • Enter the Sauna naked or with the towels, and with the apposite slippers(if you would like to use swimsuits, make sure that they are made of cotton) 
  • Select as the suggested time set, 8 to 15 minutes, at a temperature of 64° (especially the first times), changing the temperature as it suits you better, up until 90°. The most reccomended temperature, for skin transpiration, is 80°. 
  • In order to maintain a good level of humidity and vapour, you can release some water on the lava stones, inside the sauna.
  • At the end of the preset time, get up slowly, in order to avoid pressure changes, it is recommended to take another cool shower, in order to repristinate the standard temperature of your body; you need to start from your feet and the areas furtherest from the heart, to get completely wet. 
  • to rest for 10/15 minutes, possibly on the bed. At the end of the cycle, it is important to reintegrate liquids in the body.
  • then if you like, you can repeat the procedure, for other 5 to 10 minutes, followed by another shower, and further rest.

The optimal temperature, for the bodily transpiration is 80°. We suggest for the first times to start with a temperature of 60/70°. Don’t access the Sauna on an empty stomach; it is better to avoid eating too much, use yogurt and cereals will be the perfect snack.

After exiting the Sauna, don’t enter directly in the hot water of the hothub; the body need to rest properly at least 15 minutes, to avoid pressure changes.

 At 4Star Suite and Spa, we will leave some beverages at your disposal in the room so that you can enjoy a tea, an infuse and some water, to reintegrate liquids :)

If you are curious, contact us for a proposal, or directly book one of our Suite with Private Spa, to try our Finnish Sauna!


from 4Star Staff