People Mover has now arrived to Bologna

People Mover has now arrived to Bologna!

Happy to announce that the People Mover has been launched today for its first ride🥳

People Mover has now arrived to Bologna, from now on, you’ll be able to travel from the Airport to Bologna Central Station, and to easily reach our Facilities, in only 7 minutes, on the new shuttle, called Marconi Express.


For all our guests who’ll arrive from Bologna airport, it will be possible to reach our apartments and our rooms in less than 15 minutes. In fact, we are located 350meters, from the exit on ‘Piazzale Est’.

From train station to 4 Star Bologna

With this traveling mode, you’ll be able to avoid long queues and lots of traffic, with the privilege of a fast, comfortable and sustainable mean of transport, through a overhead pathaway and without interruptions.

Furthermore, it won’t be necessary to book a taxy, or to rush to get the airport in time for your flight, the morning of your departure; you will just need to reach the station, to be able to arrive at the airport in record time.

This service will remain active from today, 365 days a year, with 8 departures every hour, from 5:40 am to Midnight.

The Marconi Express Stop is located in the hall in via De’ Carracci, at the Central Station, whilst from the airport, as soon as you get off the plane and you walk through the Arrival area, you simply need to follow the signs for the Marconi Express, to reach the first floor in the Departure area.

A single ticket costs 8.70€, while children under 4 years old are exempt from paying.

If you wish to know more regarding family discounts and rates for big groups of people, you can visit this section in the Marconi Express, clicking this link

We also want to remind you that the tickets can be acquired from Marconi Express Website, downloading the app Muver and Roger, or reaching a Tper shop, or Bologna Welcome store.

You can also buy the ticket from the automatic ticket machines, at the Airport as well as at the Central Station.

If you are in a rush, and you don’t know have time to buy the ticket, you can directly pay contacless at the entrance !!!!

With this new Transport, we managed to eliminate the distances from Bologna airport to our Facilities!

Now we can say it! We’ll be waiting for you, just ”within walking distance” from the airport, to enjoy our beautiful apartments, and our super comfy rooms, or to relax in our amazing Suites with Private Spa!

If you need more information on how to use the People Mover to reach our Facilities, Just contact us!!!

We can’t wait to hear what you think about this super comfortable new service! 😃


4Star Staff.

People Mover has now arrived to Bologna!

What to see in Bologna: Pincio’s Staircase and Montagnola Fountain

Pincio’s Staircase and Montagnola Fountain

Ourtrip at the discovery of Bologna begins only few steps away from the apartment, where you can admire the monumental “Scalinata del Pincio”.

The 28th June 1986 King Umberto I and the queen Margherita celebrated, in front of the an overwhelming crowd,the scenographic staircase that makes the access possible to the Montagnola Park.

This staircase was ideated by Tito Azzolini and Attilio Muggia. The construction began in 1893 by order of the Mayor Dallomo and continued for three years afterwards, without interruptions, taking on average 100-150 workers per day. The terrain that had been digged was necessary to fill the pit between Porta S.Isaia and Porta Lame.

Pincio Staircase – Bologna Mountain

Overall, the work was composed of three parts: the staircaise is decorated with approximately 70 chandelieres, the portico on Via Indipendenza, and the structure of portici along the walls.

Central body is composed of two separated fronts, displaying on top a panoramic terrace which is only accessible from the lateral stairs.

The principal front is decorated by two bas-reliefs: the Arturo Colombarini ‘Bologna Docet‘ and the Ettore Sabbioni ‘Bologna Libertas‘. Centre is adorned by a fountain, created by Diego Sarti and Pietro Veronesi, on Muggia’s and Azzolini’s drawing.

Our sculpture works around a classical theme, although he does not leave anything to perception that can be related to noble morality. Instead he focuses on the evident sensuality of the nymph who is attempting to save herself from an octopus’ tentacles.

A seahorse comes to her aid, which with his passion and strenght succeeds in saving her. This work of art is the maximum achievement of a 100 years of local school, starting from work of plaster and mud, to bronze and marble. This represents the phenomenon of progress relative to Bologna and to the Unification of Italy.

Sarti places a highly-senxual image in a public place, something that had not happen since the good old times of the prosperous mermaids of the Neptune Fountain in the Sixteenth Century. It will be further vulgarly called ‘the Giant’s wife’, namely the Neptune, and Giosue Carducci will dedicate to her a famous sonnet.

The name derives from the famous roman hill called Pinciano, and also called Pincio. It offers a beautiful view over the city, and the antiquity has been replaced by houses and gardens. After the unification of Italy, we assist to the arrival of many parks spread all over the Country that take the name of the Pincio in honour of the capital.

In fact, such as the Roman Pincio, these parks offer a panoramic terrace from which one can access through a monumental staircase.

If you’re looking for a place to stay near in Bologna, and near pincio’s Staircase, book it now!

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Pincio’s Staircase and Montagnola Fountain