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Instructions to access in complete autonomy Parking Space number 49, floor -3, on Via Attilio Muggia.


nstructions in brief:

  • Reach the address Via Attilio Muggia –  Google Maps Position
  • Call the telephone number indicated to open the main gate – +39 320 840 7212
  • go to floor -3 to find your spot, 49
  • follow the directions to reach the elevator and exit the garage building

Follow the steps here below to have all the instructions in details!

1. Reach the address Via Attilio Muggia following the link below: Google Maps position or scanning the QR code.

2. After starting route on Via Attilio Muggia, continue straight following the bend of the road

3. After few meters, you will find the entrance of the garage on your right. It is the first ramp you will encounter, with a green gate, as shown by the image number 4.

4. Stop in front of the green gate and call the following number +39 320 840 7212 , in order to automatically open the entrance. ( the gate will open after the first ring, and there is not going to be a charge for you).

5. Your parking space is on level -3, the bottom floor of the garage. At the opening of the gate go down the first ramp, and then keep going down other two ramps to get to floor -3.

6. As soon get to the bottom the third ramp go straight following the corridor path. On the third turn to the right you will find after a few meters the parking space 49 on your right.

7. After 30 meters you will get to your parking space, marked by the sign 49 4STAR on your left.

8. Double check that you parked in the correct spot! On your parking space there should be a sign with the parking number 49 and the 4Star logo.

If you are in a parking with the correct number but the 4Star logo is missing, you probably are in the wrong place. Remember your parking spot is on level -3 (the bottom one).

P.S. Any car that will be parked in spaces which do not fall under our property (without the sign) could be removed by the building administration, and our staff will not take any responsibility.

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1. To exit the garage and reach the apartment you have to continue on the corridor, following the arrow on the picture, until the first blue door on the right.





2. Entering the door, turn immediately on the left and take the first blue door on the left.

3. You will find on the landing an elevator, at floor -3 of the building. In order to exit the building, get in the elevator and select floor 0, which is the ground floor.


4. The exit and the pedestrian access of the garage take place at building number 24 of Viale Angelo Masini. As soon as you get outside the building, you can follow the self check-in instructions sent from our staff to reach the apartment.

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Instructions to access in complete autonomy to the parking, pedestrian entrance Viale Angelo Masini 24

Instructions in brief:

  • Reach the address Viale Angelo Masini 24
  • Open the main gate using the code indicated
  • Enter the residential complex and go to the building 24 following directions
  • Open the main door using the code indicated
  • Go to the -3 floor and follow the directions to reach your spot

Follow the steps here below to have all the instructions in details!

  1. In order to get access the garage to use your car during your stay, get to Viale Angelo Masini 24 following the link below:Google Maps Position or scanning the QR code
  1. If the main gate is open at your arrival go to Step 3. If the gate is closed at your arrival digit on the keypad the code “500+bell symbol” and wait (repeat the step if it doesn’t open in a few seconds).

  1. Once entered the gate, go to the building number 24 you will find on your left. To enter the building digit the code “key symbol 747 00 000 key symbol” on the keypad on the right side of the main door.


  1. You will enter in the stairwell of the building. Take the elevator and go to the -3 level.


  1. Exit the elevator and take the blue door at your left, you will be in a corridor with 4 doors, open the blue door immediately on your right.

  1. Once entered the garage, turn left and go straight in the corridor for about 30meters until you will reach the parking space 49 on your left.

  1.   Every time you will need to enter and exit the garage you can call the number  +39 320 840 7212to automatically open the gate.Back to Index


    If you will have difficulties with the access at your arrival or during your stay, I remind you we are always at your complete disposal from 12:00pm to 8:00pm at the office number +39 051 051 0157, after 8:00pm you will find us on the emergency number +39 051 051 0159.