In Bologna, taxi stands are located in all the main squares, at the airport or in train stations. The closest to 4 Star is located in the central station just 600m away. Alternatively, you can book a taxi by having them reach you directly at the address of your apartment. Just call the number +39 051 4590  or write a message on whatsapp to the number +39 333 333 0749 indicating the city, the street and the house number, (the reservation via whatsapp message is intended for the same day in which the message will be sent, you will be joined by the first available taxi within a few minutes).

If, on the other hand, you would like to make a reservation for a specific day and time, we recommend that you book the service by calling +39 051 4590 or by asking our reception office, providing us with the date and time of the reservation and a mobile phone number. It is important to be ready with your suitcases outside the door of the building at least 5 minutes before the agreed time, if you are late the taxi will not wait for you.

PS! Women who travel alone by night (from 9:00pm to 2:00am) have a special 10% discount on the ride, the discount isn’t automatic, so ASK FOR IT!