Continuing our itinerary in the city centre following from the Two Towers, we turn left to Strada Maggiore (the old Via Emilia), crossing the famous Isolani Court, at the end of the road you will find another unmissable place to visit, the beautiful Piazza Santo Stefano. You will be immediately strucked by the church that rises at the bottom of the square.

Rised on an ancient pagan temple, it was imagined as an exact copy of the Gerusalem’s Holy Sepulcher, it underwent a series of work which led to the creation of not only one but seven churches.
Of these only four remain today, the most striking of which is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Piazza Santo Stefano e le Sette Chiese

Out of this church you can cross Pilato’s court that symbolised the place where Jesus was condamned. Unmissable some of the medieval cloister’s capitels that, with their frightening shapes inspired Dante Alighieri.

Worthy of a visit the wooden nativity scene with its human sized statues in the Martirium Church. At last the museum of Santo Stefano where you can taste the Amaro Flora, a homemade liqueur of the benedictines monks.


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