Nel centro di Bologna non si perde neanche un bambino”…

“Not even a kid gets lost in the center of Bologna”…

This is what Lucio Dalla sang about his Bologna in one of his most famous songs, and he was absolutely right because Bologna is a city to explore, a human-sized city, perfect to visit on foot in every season thanks to its porticoes, submitted by UNESCO on the World Heritage Sites, which with its 53km length shelter its guests from rain and snow in winter and from the hot sun in summer.

Bologna the Turreted, for its many towers; Bologna the Learned, for its ancient University, the oldest in the world; Bologna the Fat, for its rich cooking and its people kindness; Bologna the Red from the colour of the bricks of its buildings. These are just some of the names gave to the city in its past that can give you the idea of its unique nature.

Thanks to this little itinerary, selected for you, we want to guide you in the heart of our city, we are sure you are going to love it step by step!

Our Itinerary

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