After a journey, long or short that is, nothing will refresh you and welcome you like Bolognese cuisine! Bologna the fat welcomes its guests with real gourmet dishes, here you can’t mind the shape!!

Among the appetizers we find the crescentine accompanied by the undisputed queen of our table the mortadella. To follow delicious first courses: lasagne, tortellini and the INIMITABLE tagliatelle with ragù sauce. Do not underestimate the main courses among which the bolognese cutlet with ham and cheese (almost always so large that it must be shared!) occupies a place of honor accompanied, why not, by a portion of friggione, a side dish made with tomato and onion . Ideal at the table as bread for “the bread-dipping” our typical focaccia, the crescenta, also very good as a snack with ham and sqacquerone cheese, perhaps after climbing on the Asinelli tower ;)

Among the wines we highly recommend Pignoletto, a sparkling white wine produced on our hills. Not really Bolognese but equally loved in the city, Sangiovese and Lambrusco. Both red wines, the first firm and full-bodied ideal for meat dishes, the second sparkling and fresh ideal for aperitifs and dinners based on crescentine and sliced.

Choose only one place to suggest you is impossible, eat badly in Bologna is a rarity! Below we chose our favourites restaurants sorted by the distance from our apartments. They are all in the historic centre and will make you travel in our culinary tradition.