The room has a projector that broadcasts on the wall of the whirlpool. You can recreate a suggestive cinema effect enjoying your favorite series in total relaxation.

To turn on the projector, use the white remote control you find on the desk. The remote control should only be used to turn the projector on and off and to adjust the volume.

To play the contents, use the black Amazon Video remote control following the instructions as in the photo below.

If there is no signal when the projector is turned on and a blue screen appears as in the picture

check that the projector is set to the correct input. The projector is connected on the HDMI1 channel. On the white remote control, press the source button as in the photo. The input menu will appear, select the HDMI1 channel with the arrows and press the OK button. Then press the HOME button on the Amazon remote control, the main navigation menu will appear.