To fill the tank, close the cap by pushing the silver wheel inside the bath tub under the taps. Then open the two cold water and hot water taps, mixing up to the desired temperature. Once filled, the tub doesn’t have an heater functioning, it will then be necessary to fill it directly with hot water and check, as it fills up, the temperature to make sure it is the desired temperature. The last tap on the right corresponds to the hand shower, it is deactivated to avoid flooding, it must always be all the way to the right!


In order to avoid flooding, before turning on the display and activating the whirlpool, it is essential that the tub is completely filled with water at least 4 fingers above the highest nozzle. When filling the tub, never leave the room or go to rest to prevent the water from exceeding the maximum level and escaping from it. To avoid damage to the floors below it is necessary to be very careful not to let water fall on the floors. Should the water accidentally leak out, we kindly ask you to dry it promptly and, if it is not possible for you to do so independently, call us at our emergency number +39 051 051 0159 active 24 hours a day.


After filling the tub, once the water has exceeded the level of all the jets, it will be possible to activate the hydromassage through the display.

When the display turns off, the ozonator starts automatically after a few seconds. This device allows you to sanitize the water without using chemicals. So if you want to reuse the tank later, you can leave it full and eventually top up with a little hot water to restore the desired temperature.
The ozonator emits a slight buzz and stops automatically after about 15/20 minutes.

To empty the bathtub (with the whirlpool off), gently turn the silver wheel, without forcing it, until the plug opens.