Front Office:

We are available everyday from 12.00pm till 8.00pm

Phone: +39 051 051 0157

Whatsapp: +39 353 353 3799



Emergency Number:

You can reach us 24h on the following number, during the night only for the emergencies.


We remind you that there are no keys in the room, you can open and close the door with the code that was provided to you at check-in.
The entrance door opens by calling the number +39 051 021 8050 (the door opens at the first ring, there will be no charge to the telephone bill).



We remind you that you have booked a non-smoking room. Italian law provides for a fine of up to € 275 to those who violate this prohibition. We inform you that all our Rooms / Apartments are equipped with a smoke detector connected to the Bologna Fire Department.

If we find the smell of smoke on the day of check-out of the guest we will be forced to charge an extra night for the ventilation of the rooms, as well as to charge the cost of re-booking the guest the next day in another hotel and possible laundry costs for curtains and fabrics.



We kindly ask you to avoid noises that may disturb other guests or condominiums, such as loud music or TV, parties or gatherings. We invite you to moderate the tones of your voice, and to pay attention when moving chairs and tables etc., paying more attention during the night or afternoon rest hours. Should we encounter serious or repeated infringements, we would be forced to apply administrative measures until expulsion from the facility.

Access to other people:

The law requires us to register all guests who access the structure, even those who log in for a few minutes. If your needs change and the need arises to host other people than those booked, we invite you to contact us promptly.

Please note that failure to register guests with the competent authorities is a criminal offense punishable by arrest for up to 3 months. We decline all our responsibility in case of lack of communication.

Furthermore, in the event that we find more guests than those declared, we will be forced to charge you a penalty of € 50 for each undeclared guest in addition to any rate adjustment for the correct number of guests.