Turkish Bath:

We remind you to always enter the Turkish bath barefoot to a maximum comfort.

To turn on the Turkish bath, press the ON / OFF button on the display located outside the box on the door wall.

Once the display has started, on the left screen you will see the timer set at 1:00, as in the picture, the turkish bath will remain on for 1 hour, after which it will automatically switch off. The right display shows you the temperature inside the box at the time of switching on and will show you the degrees present inside the box for the duration of the session. The temperature takes 15 to 30 minutes to reach the set temperature of 45 ° C.

Once turned the display on you must not turn off the turkish bath, but it’s fundamental to complete the preset cicle. When the timer end and the display turns off, if you would like to go on with a new session, please wait the end of the drain cicle. This operation takes about 10/15 minutes and it is indicated on the display with the DRAIN waring light on. Once the warning light will turn off it is possible to activate the turkish bath again.
We kindly ask you to respect these few precautions which, if ignored, will cause seriour damages to the turkish bath. Thank for collaboration!

N.B. the perfect temperature for the turkish bath is 45 ° C, the one you find already set, but if you like to change it you can press the SET button and raise or lower it with the arrows. For safety reasons and to ensure perfect functioning of the service, we kindly ask you not to touch the other buttons on the display.