AC :

The room is equipped with autonomous air conditioning, to activate it you can use the remote control, following the instructions in the photo below.



The heating is centralized and turns on and off automatically. The management of the thermal power plant is condominium and programmed according to the municipal regulation of the city of Bologna, which limits the switching on of the heaters to 14 hours a day, the service will therefore be interrupted at certain times of the day. If you find the radiators turned off and you need more heat in the room, you can use the heat pump of the air conditioner with the appropriate remote control (see the Air Conditioning section above).

For your greater comfort and for those who love to shower in a hot bath, in addition to the heated towel rail, we have included an extra electric heater in the bathroom, to be used with the special remote control placed on the sink.


Each radiator is equipped with a valve thanks to which it will be possible to regulate the temperature in the room. By positioning the valve on 0, the radiator will switch off automatically, with the valve on number 3 the temperature will reach about 22 °, with the valve at 5 the temperature will reach the maximum level.