Front Office:

We are available everyday from 12.00pm till 8.00pm

Phone: +39 051 051 0157

Whatsapp: +39 353 353 3799



Emergency Number:

You can reach us 24h on the following number, during the night only for the emergencies.


We remind you that there are no keys in the apartment, you can open and close the door with the code that was provided to you at check-in.
The entrance door opens by calling the number +39 051 021 8094 (the door opens at the first ring, there will be no charge to the telephone bill).

No Smoking:

We always try to be very flexible and satisfy our guests’ requests, however in order to safeguard our clients, we thought best to adopt a Zero Tolerance Policy for smoking.
We gently remind you that you reserved is a non smoking room. Whoever will come after you, especially if the guest is a non smoker, will expect to find a perfectly immaculate room, devoid of smells, whilst it’s very hard to make the smell of smoke go away, since we only have few hours to prepare the room at its best from the departure and the arrival of the new guest. Despite several reccomendations in the past, we have experienced many issues with rooms full of smoke, thus causing an incovenience for our guests and our staff. For this reason, we were compelled to include penalty fees and extra costs for whoever doen’t respect this rule.
As a deterrent, if during the stay, or upon check-out we should detect smell of smoke, we’ll be reluctantly forced to charge a penalty fee of 50€, plus the cost of an extra night, necessary to ventilate the environmnet to eliminate the scent of smoke. 


We kindly ask you to avoid noises that might disturb other guests, or other flat inhabitants, as loud music or loud tv, parties or gatherings.  We invite you to moderate the tone of the voice, and be careful when moving tables and chair whilst early afternoon resting times, and during noctural hours. Wherever we should assess recurring misdemeanor or serious noise, we’ll be forced to apply administrative actions, up until the expulsion from our facility.

No Access To Other People:

The law imposes us to register all the guests that access our facility, even the ones that access only for few minutes. Your reservation is for 1 guests. If your exigencies require you to change your plans and to add one or more guests, we invite you to contact us promptly. We make you aware that missing to report our guests to the authorities is a criminal offence, punishable with up until 3 years of imprisonment. We decline any responsibility, in case of lack of communication of the presence of another guest.
Apart from that, in case we would find out at the check-out, that more people were present in the room – more that ones declared to the authorities, — there will be a penalty fee of 50€, for each guest that has been not declared, and also we will correct the rate of the apartment/room in respect of the number of people that stayed there.